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A hub for all of my projects, API's, and services.  I am currently working on migrating all of my projects to GitHub, so only some of these will have links to source code.



A node-js/mysql based Single-Sign-On user login/registration api. Used on Endpoint: Some features include: Application tokens, email verification



The most efficient and simple mining program. Features include: Pausing, Simple GUI, Remote Start, Launch on Startup, Push Notifications, OTA Instant updates, Run-in-Background mode, Always Up Crash Handler

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A Discord bot ​to deliver the best music experience on Discord. It offers more features than any other Discord bot dedicated to its purpose. 
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Minecraft Server with an SMP, minigames, and more! Supports all java-edition Minecraft versions and Bedrock edition.
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Site Generator

A NodeJS-based tool to take a bunch of HTML, CSS, JS files and synchronize them accross a whole site.  Guarantees that every page has a consistant header/footer and JS files for use cases such as: account information and other dynamic information.

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Saints Verify

An email authentication Discord bot that can protect your school's discord, and discord servers for clubs. Requires users to send a school email address before getting access to other channels. The bot will store all linked accounts in a MongoDB and auto authenticates users who are already linked.
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Build bases, gather materials, kill monsters, fight real players or bots, have melee or ranged battles all underwater.

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Everything in this site is hosted by TGMhosting, on in-house servers (with many other cloud servers for fallback).  This site is made in HTML/CSS with custom JS files running, not by Wordpress or some other content management service.



I am building a replica of Star Wars’ 
R2-D2 robot, coded using C++ on an Arduino.  In the future, I am planning to develop an app that will allow me to control it from my phone using Bluetooth. This was my first project that got me into coding.

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